Sport in Dukan diet


One of the three basic rules for a successfully diet is the sport. You should do at least 20-30 minutes sport per day, or even simply walking. P. Dukan says “Walking is by far the best possible exercise and it`s the simplest too”.
If in the first two phases of the diet (attack and cruise), movement is limited to mild physical activities, from consolidation and stabilization phase you must increase exercise to strengthen muscles and stretch the excess skin.

If you do not have time to go to gym or aerobics here are a few tricks:

Walking up the stairs. Avoid using the elevator, and go down or up the stairs at home or office on foot. This activity requires contraction of the largest muscles of the body and consumed in a short time a large number of calories.

Stand up on your feet as often as possible. Dr. Dukan recommends us to stand when sitting or lying position is not absolutely necessary. A standing (securely attached on both feet, horizontal basin) is an activity that becomes habitual and consume enough energy, so it cannot be neglected.

Walk with your children / grandchildren to the park. Especially when the weather is good, walk out with children or grandchildren to the park, do as many laps of the park, if you have the courage hop on a bike or roller. It’s a very pleasant way to go.

Don`t take the bus when is a short distance to your destination . If you have no other way to practice movement then make sure the last 3-4 stations on your route, that normally follow their bus, you are walking.
Dance. Whenever you are at home, when preparing meals in the kitchen or wipe the dust. Doesn`t matter the style, just dance because dance can be a very good move. In addition it brings a lot of fun. If you have the chance, go to a specialized place and follow some courses.

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