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Salmon skewers with vegetables

I am sure that you like fish! We are eating especially salmon prepare in different ways. Today I propose you to try salmon skewers.


-1 pound skinless, boneless salmon fillet, cut into 1-inch chunks

-1 bell pepper (red, yellow, mixt)

-2 teaspoons grated lemon rind

- 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

- 2 teaspoons fresh dill

- 2 tsp olive oil

- salt, pepper

Roast turkey breast

Are you ready to taste a good roast turkey breast? Here is my recipe!


-400-500 g turkey breast without bones

- 2 tbsp olive oil (not for attack phase)

- Spices and herbs (paprika, salt, pepper, basil, thyme, rosemary, granulated garlic or whatever you like)

How to prepare:

Strawberry smoothie

What is it smoothie? If I had to do a history of this drink I should go back to the 30s in America, when natural food shops on the West Coast began to sell drinks, 100% natural fresh fruit obtained by sieving everything after a recipe from Brazil. The soda was produced since the ’60s, with the advent of electric blender on the market and current vegetarian, and in 1970 California Smoothie was first produced by a juice company profile.


-125 g fat free yogurt

- 100 ml skim milk

Creamy celery root soup

I teasted this creamy celery root soup and it was so teasty! This is my dukan diet recipe for this soup.


-1 big celery root (or 2 medium size), peeled and cut into medium dice

-1/2 onion, small diced

-1 garlic clove, chopped rough

-750 ml chicken stock

- 150 g fat free yogurt (or 3 tbsp quark cheese)

-salt, pepper

How to prepare:

Cherry Tomato Clafoutis – Dukan style

Clafoutis comes from France and is primarily a cherry dessert recipe. Its origins are found in the Limousin region of France in the nineteenth century. The name comes from “clafir” which means “to fill” and already gives us an important clue about how it is prepared. Currently clafoutis can be done in several versions, either sweet or savory.
I propose you today a different clafoutis (savory), made in dukan style.

Serves – 3


-16 Cherry tomatoes

- 4 eggs

- 3 tbsp fat-free cottage cheese

- 1 tbsp of quark (optional)

- 3 tbsp corn starch (or 2 tbsp oat bran)

- 150 ml skimmed milk